Mentor Memo: Alexander Caillet

We welcomed Alexander Caillet to our office at AlleyNYC, as he spoke with the EDGE Accelerator teams about building an effective team. Alex is the founder of One21Five, Inc., as well as an executive coach.

EDGE: How do you think our teams are different?

Alexander: They are super smart, and have previous experience. They are very aware of the need to build the stronger dynamics, culture, and human aspect of their start up. It was great. They were aware of the importance of good leadership, good management, good culture, solid values, and also just the team dynamic. They trust each other and understand the need to be on the same page, and work well with each other. 

...Trust is about motives, integrity, honesty, competence, and results. They all realize from past experience that without trust, no matter how good your product, service, or pitch is, if your team does not have trust itself, you have a pretty good chance that your team will fail down the road.