Future innovation will be transformational
We do not believe that the first wave of innovation which primarily focuses on making existing practices faster or better by putting classroom lectures online, using software based learning aids, or digital textbooks -- will create the major disruption nor create the most value. Today’s technology can move well beyond the first wave of innovators, ultimately transforming learning by re-inventing and re-structuring the entire process. Technologies can more fundamentally change the way people learn — creating more authentic experiences by integrating curriculum into real-world pursuits that students care about; equipping teachers and mentors to tailor learning to individual strengths, interests, and needs; and better assessing and building an individual’s profile of talents. We are in the beginning stages of the journey from compulsory education to a new world in which learners will be intrinsically motivated in an interest-based education model. EDGE is at the forefront of this opportunity.

Market Opportunity
EDGE targets the education sector at a time when it is poised for fundamental change. The sector is approximately $1.6 trillion in the US and more than three times that size globally. Worldwide, more than 2 billion school-age children consume services across numerous submarkets, including daycare, preschool, K-12, higher education, corporate training & recruiting, and more consumer oriented after school programs, workshops, camps, edutainment, parenting, home schooling, learning assessments and self-improvement. We believe that each of these multi billion dollar segments will experience more change in the next two decades then they have in the last two thousand years

Current practices antiquated
While technology innovation has reshaped almost every sector, from operating rooms to factory floors, education remains relatively unchanged. Today’s model - listening to lectures, reading textbooks, doing worksheets and memorizing facts to pass multiple-choice or short-answer tests does not fit the 21st-century need for intrinsically motivated innovators, critical & creative problem solvers and sophisticated system thinkers.